NEW FOR 2017! The Sepilok Blog

The start of a new year at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre

Sepilok Blog

Welcome to our new Sepilok blog! Here, we plan to keep you up to date with the everyday goings on of our fuzzy orange friends at the centre. You will be able to read all about their mischievous escapades, endearing friendships, and progress at learning new skills for a life in the wild.

Feeding Platform Diaries

Many of the released and semi-wild orangutans who live in the reserve surrounding the Sepilok centre come back and help themselves to a free snack which the rangers leave out for them on feeding platforms. It is important that the rehabilitated orangutans are able get enough food whilst they continue to adapt to living in the forest canopy. However, the food offered to them is deliberately bland to encourage them to forage for themselves and find more flavoursome foods.

It is exciting to see which individuals will choose to swing by each day and tuck into a meal at the feeding platform. It provides a great opportunity to observe their fascinating behaviours and for the staff to keep an eye on their health and wellbeing. Mother orangutans will bring their babies and you can even witness budding romances begin here.

Mariko And Baby

The start of January 2017 has been busy at the feeding platforms. Mothers Clenan, Mimi and Mariko (pictured with her baby) have all been regular visitors along with their little ones. However, they are not always the best of friends. There appears to be a pecking order amongst these mums and poor Mariko is often chased away by Mimi. One day recently, she was chased away from the platform while Clenan and Mimi ate, so she climbed a nearby tree with her baby. Clenan’s baby Awantang was very sweet and climbed up after her, she often likes to play with Mariko’s baby. However, Clenan then went up the tree after her daughter Awangtang and Mimi must have felt left out. When she saw them all up in the tree, she went up herself and chased Mariko out of the tree again! Poor Mariko!

Malim And Sayang

Malim is a wild male who has also been spotted at the feeding platform quite a lot recently. He has been seen sitting with both Mariko and Mimi and he also seems to have an unusual friendship with Sayang, who is a juvenile female orangutan. It is quite rare for an adult male orangutan to befriend a youngster in this way but they seem to have become inseparable. Malim was recently seen giving Sayang a piggy back and playfully swinging on the ropes with her near the platform, our LO captured the moment (as pictured).


Itinban has been rather naughty this week. The centre’s maintenance team were hosing down the boardwalk when they paused to let another orangutan pass by. Itinban managed to grab the hose and found a little hole with a leak that he could drink through. He then decided that it wasn’t a big enough hole and pulled the hose apart to get a better drink! The team turned the water off at the tap and Itinban went running off, doing the odd roly-poly on route! He was obviously rather pleased with himself!

We will keep you updated on news from Sepilok as it happens throughout the year so please make sure to keep a check on our blog if you would like to stay up to date. Happy New Year!