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Bidu sml

Bidu-Bidu is a very healthy orangutan. This month he has been favouring coconuts, which are usually only a special treat for orangutans as they are high in fat. Inside they have a sweet water which is packed full of fibre and gives Bidu and his friends lots of energy throughout the day. As one of the friendliest orangutans at Sepilok, Bidu is often seen at the outdoor nursery feeding platform, where he socialises with a variety of other individuals including Archie, Betty and Canyon.

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Beryl remains a great fan of Malim, a dominant male orangutan. She often follows him into the forest where they might spend a day or even a couple of nights exploring and foraging for food together. As the month has gone on, Malim seems to be spending longer in the forest before returning to Sepilok, which Beryl isn’t quite ready for so she has been spending a little more time around the centre lately. Her favourite food has been mangosteen recently - a delicious, juicy fruit high in vitamin C which helps to fight off nasty bugs like the flu.

Alagu Bakut sml

Alagu can be very protective over Bakut, who is one of the smallest adolescent orangutans at Sepilok. She will often share her food with him and has been spotted peeling fruits for him, such as durian and coconut. Because he is so spoilt, he can get grumpy if he sees other orangutans eating when he is not! It is good for Bakut to shadow Alagu so closely because she is an excellent nest builder and he will be able to learn a lot from her by observing these skills. They often head into the forest together after breakfast and spend the day there resting or exploring before returning just in time for dinner.

Ospie Koko Sepilok sml

These three are rarely seen apart at Sepilok and enjoy long days spent at the outdoor nursery platform eating watermelon, pineapple, papaya and coconuts. Koko has a very lovely face which she will often use to get what she wants from other orangutans and the staff. If she doesn’t get her own way though, she will cry – just like a human toddler might! Ospie is the most cautious of the three and prefers to be as far away from the mother orangutans and their babies as possible. Sepilok is the opposite and it’s not unusual to see him being chased off by the mums, who can find him very annoying! They each have such different personalities but they seem to compliment each other well.

Other orangutans that have visited Sepilok this month include Wulan, Belaluna along with daughter Lunamaya and Kolapis.

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