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Orangutans are one of the only ape species that experience an adolescent life stage and it is clear that Bidu is firmly in this phase! For male orangutans, like Bidu, it is the time between being a playful youngster and an adult, almost like being a teenager! Boundaries are pushed and mischief can be caused as a result and Bidu has been doing both around the centre recently. The care staff hope to relocate him to a deeper part of the forest at some point to ensure these natural behavious can continue in an appropriate setting.

B B A sml

Alagu spends more and more time in the forest with her good friends Beryl and Bakut. Together they build excellent nests high in the tree canopy just right for a cosy night sleep beneath the stars.

Beryl is a very healthy and content orangutan. She enjoys spending time with Alagu and Bakut and eating honeydew melon and pineapple.

As one of the smallest male orangutans at Sepilok, Bakut tends to get away with most things. He watches the staff inside the kitchen from outside and sometimes knocks on the wall for attention or food and if he takes food from one of the other orangutans they let him without getting upset. His favourite food is long beans – these are the first thing he will take from the feeding platform at mealtimes.

Sepilok sml

Sepilok was named after the forest reserve because he was born in the same year that they celebrated the 50th anniversary of Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. Having grown up there he is used to being around other orangutans and is very sociable as a result. He makes friends easily and is currently spending time with Kolapis.

Koko is very good at getting what she wants by using her big, brown puppy-dog eyes to win over the care staff at Sepilok!

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Ospie 1 sml

Her good friend Ospie is never far from her side and can be very timid around the mother orangutans with young babies.