The Sepilok Blog - The buddy scheme in action and other news

Awantang Cute

Goman and Clenan's baby, Awantang, (pictured left) have been continuing their little friendship which is very sweet to witness. Goman is often seen leading Awantang around and taking care of her. He seems to have become Awantang’s adoptive big brother.

Chikita Beans

Goman did have a bit of a mishap with cheeky Chikita recently though. He was happily munching on some green beans on one of the platforms when Chikita swung on a rope and kicked him straight off the platform! She then proceeded to tuck into the beans herself. Poor little Goman just calmly climbed back onto the platform and continued eating. (Goman pictured below and Chikita pictured right - eating Goman's beans!).

Goman Beans

Beryl and Alagu have also been continuing their friendship this month. They are always together and spend a lot of time out in the forest. Alagu cries and screams when she doesn’t see Beryl around and appears nervous when she is not nearby. With her older buddy by her side though she becomes very confident. Her excellent climbing is a positive sign that she is already developing the skills which she will need for an independent life in the wild one day.

The rangers have been clearing some vines which were hanging down and blocking one of the walkways at the centre. This has left one very tall tree with just a couple of vines hanging down. One of the youngest and smallest orangutans, Myohun, was straight up there with no fear, swinging between the vines on the way up. When he was at the top he was so far away he could hardly be seen and vet nurse Ibri looked a little bit worried. She called him down and he came swinging down between the vines much to everyone’s relief!


Recently, older female, Wulan, (pictured right) came out of the forest and paid a visit to the youngest babies at the indoor nursery area. They were all very excited to see her and climbed all over her. She seemed to be the Sepilok celebrity that day!

Bidu Attack

Bidu-Bidu always has a very playful nature and this month has been no different. He has been play fighting with anyone and everyone and not just the other orangutans. One day he was seen playing with a macaque too. He has a rope which he likes to swing on and then pounce on anyone going past! (Pictured left ambushing one of his friends).

Chikita In The Storm

There have been some almighty storms at Sepilok over the past couple of weeks. This has caused power-cuts and disruption for the humans but life for the orangutans carries on as normal. Some of them take shelter or make themselves umbrellas from large leaves. Plenty still turn up for a snack at the feeding platforms but the rain does tend to make them rather grumpy. The photo to the right is of a sulky Chikita hiding under the leaf umbrella which she has made.