The Sepilok Blog - Cartwheels and coconuts.

Busy Feeding Platform

August has been another busy month at Sepilok with lots of visitors of both the orangutan and human varieties! Two more big wild males came to pay a visit and helped themselves to a snack before disappearing back into the forest. It is very interesting to see the wild orangutans coming to mingle with the rehabilitated individuals in the reserve. It shows that they can happily occupy the same areas and hopefully interbreed to help create a healthy and successful future generation.

Happy Bidu Bidu

Bidu-Bidu (pictured right) is a lively youngster who is always very sociable with the other orangutans. He will happily play with both younger and older friends. Recently he has been spending quite a lot of time with Kalabatu. He is a very content young orangutan with lots of energy and the others all seem to love his company!

Beryl And Coconut

Beryl, Bidu-Bidu, Chikita, Peanut and Goman were given coconuts one day at the outdoor nursery. These are a rare treat so they usually cause some excitement! The youngsters chased each other back and forth as they tried to open them and take them from each other. Peanut was being quite mischievous from start to finish and seemed to fall from the ropes a couple of times in his haste to grab one! He didn't seem to worry though and looked like he was having lots of fun! (Beryl is pictured left opening her coconut treat).

Peba Sat On Mums Head

Mariko and Peba have been regulars at the feeding platform as usual. They can be seen there most days. Peba has started a new trick though of sitting on his mum's head! (pictured right) She doesn't seem to mind too much and I guess he gets a better view from up there! Mariko is not too keen on the macaque monkeys which also visit the feeding platforms. One day a large macaque popped his head up at the side of the platform, taking her by surprise, so she quickly gave him a tap across the knuckles making him disappear back into the undergrowth again!

Chikita and Beryl have been spending time together recently. There was a lovely moment when they were sitting eating together the other day. Chikita worked her way through the bananas and papaya whilst feeding all of the green beans to Beryl. They are obviously not her preferred choice!

Below is a wonderful video of Bidu-Bidu who was seen energetically practicing his cartwheels! We score him 10 out of 10! What do you think?