The Sepilok Blog - Christmas is coming

Sepilok Christmas Tree

Christmas festivities are currently underway around the world and Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre has been busy with its own preparations. A Christmas tree has been decorated in the visitor reception area and local staff members and their families have taken part in a candle lit carol service. Our staff member Arnold, one of the rangers, accompanied the carol singers on the guitar.

Carol Service

It is not just the humans who will be enjoying the celebrations though and it is important that we remember our close cousins at Christmas time too!

The youngest Sepilok orangutans will be treated to stockings on Christmas day just like many of their human cousins and the staff are now getting these ready to give to them on the day.

The stockings will be filled with fruit, coconut and succulent leaves. The staff also include handmade enrichment bundles which the orangutans can figure out how to open to retrieve a fruity treat hidden inside.

Banana Enrichment

The stockings will be hung up around the Outdoor Nursery area and the little orphans are sure to be delighted with their gifts.

Baby Naru

Thank you to all our supporters and friends for their dedication to the orangutans this year. We could not continue our important work without you. We look forward to keeping you all up to date in the new year but for now we wish you all a very Merry Christmas.