The Sepilok Blog - Leaf Umbrellas and Gelison being brave

Feeding Platform Diaries


There has been a lot of rain at Sepilok recently which is great for the sustenance of the rainforest. The baby orangutans in the outdoor nursery are not too keen on getting wet though and have been looking a bit sorry for themselves! The staff provided some large leaves for them which they have learned to put on their heads and use as umbrellas! Rain is something which they will need to get used to if they are going to live independently in the rainforest one day!


Beryl (pictured right) seems to have a favourite vine at the back of the nursery that takes her high up into a tree. She has been seen a few times climbing up it and swinging around. She is looking like a very confident climber now which is great. Well done Beryl, all that practice in the jungle gym is paying off!

Mariko’s baby, who was born in April last year, is also gaining in confidence. It was seen fully letting go of Mariko for the first time this week and playing nearby. This is great news as it indicates that it is growing well and is strong and healthy. It is often difficult to see Mariko’s baby because it hides amongst her long auburn hair. We believe that it is a male but this is still yet to be confirmed!


Orphaned youngster Gelison (pictured left) likes to follow some of the wild mother orangutans such as Clenan and Mariko and this week he ventured all the way to the main feeding platform! Gelison’s name means ‘warrior’ in a local Bornean dialect and he is certainly proving to be a brave little orangutan.

Malim and Sayang have been back at the feeding platform again. They still seem to be the best of friends and are great fun to watch playing together. On one occasion Sayang was using Malim as a sort of post, climbing up and down his back to get to the bananas! It is lovely that older male Malim appears to have taken this youngster under his wing.

Boogie Boy Kacy

Kacy is another one who is becoming quite independent; she is good at foraging for her own food and travels away from the centre on a regular basis. This week she was swinging over the main viewing platform with Boogie Boy, who also seems to be doing very well these days.