The Sepilok Blog

Bidu jpg

This month, Bidu-Bidu has been making some impressive nests high in the treetops surrounding Sepilok. To ensure he gets a good night sleep, he spends time padding his nests with leaves to make it cosy and comfy. Along with his buddy Kolapis, Bidu will visit the reception area, where the two boys can be very mischievous and like to see what mess they can cause for the staff there!

Bakut Alagu jpg

Alagu remains friendly with Bakut and they have been spending a lot of time together in the forest this month. They are very good at finding their own food when they are out and about exploring. Despite this, Alagu has still been enjoying the papaya and banana on offer at the feeding platforms and makes sure to take what she can before the mother orangutans and there babies come along!

Bakut is one of the smallest males at Sepilok and, as a result, the other orangutans show a great deal of protective behaviours towards him. Despite his size, he is good at standing up for himself, especially when good friend Alagu isn’t around to take care of him! Although brave and well respected by his fellow orangutans, he is not so fond of the macaques that visit the feeding platforms.

Beryl jpg

This month has seen Beryl spending most of her time at the outdoor nursery, but occasionally she will venture to the indoor area – especially if her favourite foods are on offer at platform A! She is currently favouring coconuts but also enjoys durian and rambutan, which have a very strong odour but a sweet taste.

Koko jpg

For Koko, watermelon and pineapple are flavour of the month! However, if there are mother orangutans and their babies feeding at the platforms she will prefer to forage for her own meals in the forest. Mother orangutans are very protective of their babies, and to ensure they get enough food they can be a threat to other orangutans – especially females. If Koko doesn’t get the fruit she wants she will cry until one of the other orangutans share theirs with her.

Ospie jpg

Ospie’s sore finger is healing really well, but she still likes visits from the staff to check on her as they often bring her favourite fruits with them – pineapples and bananas! Despite her injury, she has continued to climb and make nests in the trees at outdoor nursery where she spends most of her time with friends Koko and Sepilok.

Sepilok jpg

Sepilok has been spending more time in the tree tops this month, where he can be seen making nests and finding his own food. When he is at outdoor nursery he is often found spending time with Ospie and Koko and his favourite foods at the moment are sweet potatoes and papaya. Sepilok is becoming braver and more independent each month.