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Clenan And Awangtan

Clenan is a rehabilitated female orangutan who still comes back to visit the centre with her wild born baby Awangtan (pictured right). Awangtan is nearly six years old now but she still stays close to her mum and was recently seen breastfeeding. It is interesting that she is still getting milk from her mum at this age but young orangutans in the wild can stay with their mothers for up to seven or eight years so it is not uncommon.

Many of the orphans at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre take a similar amount of time before they too are ready to live independently. It makes the rehabilitation process very costly and time consuming but extremely rewarding when the orphans are finally ready to take their final big step into the wild after years of dedication and hard work.

Goman Papaya

Goman (pictured left) is one of the orphans who is completing his rehabilitation at Sepilok. He is doing really well at the moment and is definitely getting braver and more independent. At feeding times, he picks up his snack of choice and takes it off into the trees to eat it on his own. He has also been spending more and more time away from the nursery area and visiting the main feeding platforms where the wild and semi-wild adults come. One day, however, when Goman was on his way to the feeding plaform, he saw Malim was already there. Malim is a big wild male so Goman decided to stop in his tracks, break a big branch and make a nest with it! He then continued to watch this big male from the safety of his little nest.

Three young males, Selamat, Kolapis and Bidu-Bidu spent a morning together recently, having fun and doing lots of play fighting. They appeared to wear themselves out by the afternoon and all three were seen having a rest together on the same branch of a tree.

The youngsters in the outdoor nursery area were all treated to coconuts the other day and Beryl created a mischievous game where she kept leaving her own coconut to steal somebody else's - just for the fun of it!

Koko has been getting braver and braver and still likes to scare away the macaque monkeys when they come into the nursery area. Most of the youngsters keep away from the macaques but not little Koko, especially when they are stealing all the bananas! Her latest trick is to throw cabbage leaves at them and this seems to do the trick!