The Sepilok Blog

Here's the latest news on the orangutans at Sepilok from our Malaysian staff supervisor Lineker.



Bidu likes to spend time at the outdoor nursery where he can make friends with other orangutans like Archie, Betty, Canyon, Spilok, Koko and Ospie. He and Archie often visit the indoor nursery and reception area as well – just to see if there is any mischief to be made! Bidu’s favourite foods at the moment are langsat and chempedak, both of which grown in the forests of Sabah. When the staff take the food to the feeding platforms, Bidu is often first in line, but he will sit, hugging his body, and wait until Malim, a dominant male, has eaten.

Alagu & Bakut


Alagu and Bakut are good friends and are rarely seen apart. They make a good team, especially when Bakut, who loves to climb, goes a bit too high up a tree and must be saved by Alagu!


Bakut is one of the smaller male orangutans at Sepilok, but despite this he is very brave and faces up to the bigger orangutans when he needs too – lucky for him, Alagu is usually near by to make sure he doesn’t get into any trouble.



Sepilok is doing well and continues to make his own nests to sleep in at night. His climbing skills are very strong and his foraging skills are good. He has many friends around the centre including Ospie, Koko and Bidu-Bidu and likes to visit the indoor nursery and platform A from time to time. He is not such a popular boy when it comes to the mother and baby orangutans though, as he likes to be disruptive which often causes the protective females to chase him as punishment for him being so cheeky!

Koko & Ospie


Koko has a sweet tooth for watermelon and pineapple at the moment and if she sees the other orangutans eating them, she can get quite upset! She is also good at looking for her own food in the forest with her good friend Ospie, especially when trying to avoid the protective mother orangutans at the feeding platforms.


Koko and Ospie both stay at the outdoor nursery and enjoy spending their days playing and climbing. Ospie’s favourite fruits this month have been papaya and banana.



This month Beryl has been seen eating mostly coconuts and sugar cane at the platforms, but is usually out finding her own food in the forest with Malim. Malim is a dominant male and has a soft spot for Beryl whom he will happily share food with and follow through the rainforest.

Beryl was bought to Sepilok when she was only a year old and has since progressed through the rehabilitation program to live a successful life as an independent orangutan. Now she is aged 11 and the staff always feel very proud when they see her thriving.