The Sepilok Blog - Christmas Stockings for the babies and Cinta adopts a monkey

Cinta Oi Oi

As a new year begins at Sepilok here is a round-up of the latest news from the centre's endearing orangutans.

A few months ago female orangutan Cinta befriended an orphaned macaque. The little monkey named OiOi was originally rescued and cared for by the centre's staff in the clinic. Then, when he was ready to be rehabilitated outside, Cinta decided to look after him! A special relationship begun between the pair. They were together constantly with Cinta holding and grooming OiOi and being very protective. (pictured above). As OiOi has grown, Cinta has been allowing some of the younger orangutans at the outdoor nursery to play with him and he is becoming more independent. Bidu-Bidu has been playing gently with him recently (pictured below) but Cinta did cuff him round the face on one occasion when he got a bit too boisterous!

Bidu And Oi Oi

Christmas at Sepilok was a rather rainy one but nonetheless the baby orangutans had fun! They were treated to Christmas stockings filled with fruit, coconut and succulent leaves. These were hung up all around the Outdoor Nursery much to their delight. They each climbed and scurried along the ropes looking for their own stocking!

One day Cinta was seen grabbing some branches of leaves from a nearby tree and covering her head with them. She sat with the leaves on her head for about 15 minutes. At the time it wasn’t raining but she was obviously preparing herself for the deluge which followed shortly afterwards!

Wild Female

A wild mother orangutan and her youngster have been visiting the feeding platform recently. The mother is very wary but the baby will go straight over to the platform and feed. One day a few macaques arrived at the platform at the same time which the mother didn't like. Interestingly, she spread herself out flat on the ropes, using both hands and feet in an attempt to make herself look bigger and more dominant to frighten the macaques away (pictured above). This worked for a short while but then a large pig tailed male macaque came charging in and mother and baby scarpered into the trees!

Clenan and Awantang have been seen recently too. Little Awantang was collecting leaves and attempting to build a nest on her own! This is great for such a young orangutan. Clenan must be teaching her well.

Boogie Boy 2

One day Boogey Boy (pictured right) was alone on the feeding platform and he was being very wary of a Bronze Back snake which had settled in a crack down the tree in the centre of the platform. He didn’t want to get too close so had one arm on a rope in-case of a quick get away. He darted in and out to grab food just below the snake. The snake was eventually moved by the rangers and caused no harm. (pictured below).

Bronze Back Snake

Some new ropes have just been put up in the outdoor nursery along with another hammock. The youngsters have been having lots of fun trying them out. Playing rough and tumble, hiding from each other and winding the ropes up so that they can spin round and round and round! (Bidu-Bidu pictured below playing).

Bidu Playing