The Sepilok Blog

Bidu-Bidu is in good health but has had a bit of a sweet tooth this month where he has been favouring tropical fruits such as guava and papaya, both of which are very juicy. He has been spotted exploring all the areas in and around Sepilok including the clinic and reception area. He has mostly been spending time with Canyon and Betty at the outdoor nursery where Bidu likes to spend time with the younger orangutans at the centre.



This month Alagu has been seen spending most of her time at the outdoor nursery with her good friend Bakut. When a mother orangutan comes along she will move on to feeding platform A to avoid them. Female orangutans can get very protective and a little grumpy around others when they have a baby to care for. Like Bidu-Bidu, Alagu has been enjoying the sweet papaya fruits this month and remains a keen fan of bananas!




As usual, Bakut is often found following and interacting with Alagu. She has taken the small male under her wing and helps him with climbing when they forage for food in the forest together. He has started staying out over night which means that his nest building skills are adequate for life in the wild. His favourite food this month is long beans which he will quickly take from the feeding platforms and run away to eat!

Beryl has been enjoying the fruit chempedak recently, which is an oblong shaped fruit covered in rubbery spikes with a pungent smell and sweet taste. She also enjoys durian and coconut which are often in the orangutans diet. Sometimes more unusual fruits are added to encourage the orangutans to try new flavours and Beryl particularly likes investigating any new fruit or veg that she may be offered. The staff at Sepilok have begun to see some changes in Beryl as she becomes more independent and mature.

Koko has been spending a lot of time in the forest this month and her climbing and nest-building skills are excellent – a good sign that she will successfully live independently one day. Playing with Ospie and Sepilok are among Koko’s favourite ways to spend a day.



Ospie had to visit the clinic at Sepilok this month due to a bite on one of her fingers. She got a little too close to baby Putera and so protective mum, Mimi, snapped at Ospie which is not unusual behaviour for mother orangutans. Despite being a little more nervous around the older females than before, she is recovering well and he finger is fully on the mend. She has enjoyed the fuss and attention from the staff as a result and pineapples have been her favourite treat this month.

Sepilok is good friends with Ospie and tries to stand up to the mother orangutans when they get irritable. This often backfires on him though, and he’ll run to the care staff for protection if he disturbs them too much! This doesn’t often deter him though and he is still seen being chased by the mother orangutans regularly – he certainly is a bold character.