The Sepilok Blog - Yokmal comes to visit and other news

All the latest orangutan news from Sepilok!


July has been a busy month at the centre. There have been a lot of the more familiar faces showing up at the feeding platforms and even some less well known ones too!

A very large, dominant male named Yokmal popped into the centre for a visit. He is thought to be the largest orangutan in the reserve and has not been seen for a couple of years! You can read all about his visit in our news article about him. Yokmal - The largest orangutan in the reserve pays a visit to Sepilok!

One day, there seemed to be quite a gathering of orangutans, both little and large. They appeared to be getting together for an afternoon of entertainment! Ceria, Poogle, Boogie-Boy, Selemat, Itinban and even young Beryl were seen wrestling, jumping and hiding from one another!


Another morning there was a bit of a three way wrestling match. Poogle, Kalabatu and Rosa were all after the same bunch of bananas despite there being plenty of other food available for them! Kalabatu (pictured right) won the prize in the end which is not surprising since he is the biggest of the three!

There have still been a lot of macaque monkeys visiting the centre recently. They arrive in large troops sometimes and the orangutans are not always very keen on them. One day one of the macaques got too close to baby Peba and his mum, Mariko, decided she had had enough! She grabbed the monkey by the legs, swung it around and threw it head first into the bushes! She certainly showed what a protective mother she is on that occasion and I think that particular monkey has probably learnt its lesson now!

Mariko Shielding Piba From The Sun

There have been several hot and sunny days at Sepilok this month which leaves the orangutans looking for shady places to chill out in. Mariko was pictured shielding baby Peba from the glare of the morning sun. (pictured left). Young Peba is an adventurous baby. One day he was seen climbing up a rope only to find older female Matamis was up in the branches above. She seemed pleased to see him and they played nicely together in the tree. Matamis took Peba's arms and stroked them gently, then kissed his fingers. Mariko kept glancing up from below to check on her baby.


Rosa (pictured right) and male Kalabatu have been seen together a lot lately. Rosa had a bit of a scuffle with Mimi over some food and since then she appears to be sending Kalabatu to the feeding platform to collect food for her! He dutifully takes it up to her in the trees above. They are seen together most of time but not when Kalabatu visits the indoor nursery to cause mischief with the little ones. She clearly doesn't want to be a part of that silliness!

There was some excitement at the centre this month because after the visit from big orangutan Yokmal, another wild male also popped in. He was unknown to the staff and had not been seen before in the area. He hung around for a couple of days and climbed very high in the surrounding trees to get a good look at the centre below. Poogle was very brave and went up to say hello. He spent an hour or so with his new friend in the trees. Kalabatu was not so sure though and he appeared to chase the unknown male away; despite being smaller than him. This moment was captured on film.