The Sepilok Blog - Remember to eat your greens!

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Lively little orangutan Bidu-Bidu (pictured below) has been continuing to behave very playfully recently and the other orangutans all seem to enjoy his company. He definitely entertains everyone with his antics. The other day he was seen wrestling with Peanut in one of the hammocks in the jungle gym area. He then stood up and promptly fell down backwards. He proceeded to do this about five times in a row, clearly enjoying his new game. He has also been seen diving head first into the hammock from the ropes above!

Bidu 4

As well as hanging out with his young peers in the outdoor nursery Bidu-Bidu has been playing a lot with older wild male Aiman and also Bella-Luna's little baby. Bella-Luna is quite happy for Bidu to play with her youngster and he is very gentle with her.

Mariko and her baby Peba (pictured below) are still regular visitors at the feeding platforms. Peba seems to gain confidence every day and is rapidly growing up. He was recently seen climbing very high and following wild youngster Sayang up a tree.

Cute Peba

Peba climbed from branch to branch until he was nearly 40 feet high! His Mum glanced up a couple of times and then continued eating. She was obviously confident in his abilities and happy to let him explore. She was right not to worry because he was absolutely fine. He arrives at the platform clinging to Mariko but ventures away from her now and feeds himself too. He seems to like watermelon and bananas in particular!

Mimi Baby

Mimi's baby still clings tightly to her. This little one is younger than Peba but developing well. Mimi (pictured left) was seen recently taking some sugar cane from the baby's hands and quickly replacing it with a string of green beans! So it is not only human parents who like their youngsters to eat their greens first!

Kalabatu Leaf Hat

There has been some incredibly heavy rain and thunderstorms at Sepilok this month. The rain hasn't put Kalabatu off his food though. He appeared at the feeding platform wearing a very fetching leaf hat to keep himself dry while he ate. This is a clever solution which many orangutans learn to do when it rains. (pictured right)