The Sepilok Blog - Macaques, unlikely friendships and Boogie Boy has a feast!

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Little Lulu (Pictured left) is a wild juvenile orangutan living in the reserve surrounding Sepilok. She is a sweet little orangutan who enjoys playing with orphan Bidu-Bidu. Recently she seems to have taken a liking to older female Mariko and has been seen following her around a lot. This has led to some unusual behaviour from Mariko who is usually quite a timid orangutan. One day she was seen chasing poor Lulu away! Lulu scurried away as fast as she could but with Mariko quickly gaining on her she decided to leap off into the undergrowth! Luckily she was fine and since this episode Mariko seems to have warmed to Lulu a little more. Wherever you see Mariko at the moment, Lulu won’t be far behind!

Mariko’s baby girl is definitely growing up now. She was spotted recently climbing right to the top of a rope which hangs down over the feeding platform. This is the furthest she has been seen away from her mum so far. She seems to be progressing well.


Kolopis (pictured right) who is one of the orphans going through the rehabilitation scheme, is also doing very well at the moment. He is venturing further and further from the outdoor nursery and interacting with the older orangutans. He even had the confidence to wrestle Kalabatu the other day and he looks quite at home on the main feeding platform. Well done Kolopis, this is great to see!


The last few weeks seem to have seen an increase in the numbers of macaques visiting the centre. They seem to be arriving from the forest in every direction. Perhaps the word has spread about the free snacks available! Sometimes the orangutans can be a little bit wary of the macaques despite being bigger than them. Even some of the larger males like Poogle have been seen running away from them recently! Normally they would just bat them away. It’s unclear why there has been this sudden change in behaviour.

Malim Sayang

Best friends, Malim and Sayang were seen at the platform recently for the first time in a while. They are as chummy as ever which is very endearing to see. Adult male, Malim, is pictured right helping little Sayang play on a rope at the feeding platform.

Matamis, seems to be very popular with the males at the moment! Both Tambi and Poogle have been showing an interest in her lately. Although, she does not seem to be too bothered by all the attention and seems to prefer sitting quietly on her own, waiting for her next meal!


At one of the feeding times recently, only Boogie Boy showed up. He had all of the food to himself and looked like he couldn’t believe it! He kept looking left and right as he ate his meal to check whether anyone else would be joining him. Then, after eating rather a lot, he tried leaving with an enormous whole coconut between his feet. Unfortunately, he dropped it twice, so went back for more bananas instead! It was certainly a good feeding time for Boogie Boy that day!