The Sepilok Blog - Love, friendship and thriving babies

Love, friendship and thriving babies

Piba Mariko

Mariko’s baby has been named and it is confirmed that he is a boy! He is going to be called Peba-Bassan or Peba for short. This comes from the Malay word meaning ‘peaceful’. Peba is doing really well; he is feeding a lot and becoming more independent. He has been seen with his mum at the feeding platform recently taking fruit and sugar cane for himself. At one point Peba was seen holding a huge bunch of bananas in his feet which were almost as big as him! He certainly seems to have a good healthy appetite. (Mariko & Peba pictured left)

Mimi And Baby 4

Orphaned youngster Chikita loves to play with little Peba. She is very gentle with him and Mariko doesn’t seem to mind at all. Mimi and Mariko seem to be getting on a bit more peacefully at the moment too. They haven’t been chasing each other away and have been seen sitting side by side on the feeding platform a lot. Mimi’s baby is younger than Peba and is still clinging tightly to mum who is understandably very protective. (Mimi and her baby pictured right)

Beautiful wild orangutan Bella-Luna (pictured below) has been spotted recently too with her young baby who has the most amazing flyaway hair! It is wonderful that so many new babies in the reserve seem to be thriving.

Bella Luna Baby

Love and friendship really seem to be in the air at Sepilok at the moment with new companionships forming all around.

One example is Wilma and Boogie Boy who have paired up! They are seen together a lot at the moment and appear in all the same places.

Chikita and Peanut have also become rather inseparable lately. They are always seen playing and going into the forest together. Chikita seems to be more confident with her friend Peanut by her side. She climbs more and stays in the forest for longer when Peanut is with her. He seems to be a good influence on her which is great for her rehabilitation progress.

Sayang Clambering

Sayang and Malim are still best buddies too despite being quite an unusual pairing. One day at the feeding platform Sayang was seen sliding down a rope and clambering onto Malim’s head. Malim didn’t even bat an eyelid! He really seems to enjoy the company of his playful young companion. (Malim and Sayang pictured right and Sayang with bananas below)