The Sepilok Blog - Two wild males pay a visit and cause a scene

Yokmal 2

Large wild male Yokmal has come back to visit Sepilok this month and he seems to have decided to stay for an extended visit this time. He has been visiting the outdoor nursery quite a lot but the babies are quite scared of him because he is such a big dominant male.

Little Peanut was the only baby who was brave enough to sit near to him. He even had the courage to steal some of Yokmal's food which is very impressive! Peanut is doing very well and becoming very independent and brave.

During his visit to the centre this month Yokmal took rather a liking to Mimi. He has been following her everywhere and acting quite aggressive if any other orangutans get near to her. They seemed to be inseparable for about a week. (Mimi and Yokmal pictured feeding together)

Yokmal And Mimi

Whilst Yokmal was at the centre another wild male named Momo appeared. The two of them began fighting each other and made a tremendously loud noise. Dominant males in the wild will fight sometimes to protect their territory. Yokmal and Momo have both retreated back into the forest reserve again now.


Clenan and her baby Awangtang (pictured left) have been spending more time at the centre recently. It is great to see how well Awangtang is doing. She seems to only be attached to Clenan while they are travelling now. As soon as they stop, she leaves her Mum and does her own thing. She spent ages the other day playing with another youngster called Lulu.

Peanut and Bidu-Bidu also like to play with Awangtang. Clenan lets them all play together so long as they are not being too rough with her baby. She keeps a careful eye on them.

Babies In The Trees

Youngsters Goman, Peanut and Bidu-Bidu are all doing really well and spending a lot of time in the forest. They are really confident and mix well with the wild orangutans. Goman likes to play with the wild juvenile called Jack. Beryl also likes to join them sometimes but she appears to be happy playing in the forest on her own too which is encouraging. Although sometimes she just spends time at the outdoor nursery doing roly polys! Although this is very sweet it is not the kind of behaviour which will be useful for her future. We hope that one day that she will be swinging through the canopy with no need to come down to the ground at all. (the youngsters are pictured playing high up in the trees)