The Sepilok Blog - Fun and Mayhem


September has seen a lot of boisterous behaviour from the Sepilok orangutans! Sometimes as many as thirteen individuals have been meeting up to play, wrestle and cause general mayhem! One day some of the bigger orangutans, Ceria, Jack, Kalabatu and Mimi were all throwing each other around very energetically.

The infants, Peanut, Beryl and Goman really wanted to join in with the fun but they had to keep escaping when it got too rough! Matamis (pictured left) was there too but she quietly sat watching by herself. She likes to just observe the others.

Chikita And Beryl

Beryl and Chikita (pictured right) have been seen playing and swinging together a few times recently before sitting down to eat with their arms around one another. These two young females seem to have a really lovely bond at the moment.

Itinban Watching

One day when Mimi was sitting on the feeding platform eating. Itinban (pictured left) came swinging along the ropes and grabbed a bunch of bananas. He seemed a bit wary of Mimi and decided to stay on the rope to eat rather than sitting on the platform with her. Unfortunately, he then managed to drop the whole bunch of bananas and they fell into the undergrowth below. When he tried to swing down to get them the rope didn't go far enough so he couldn't retrieve them and looked rather miffed! He didn't attempt to take any more food and swung back off into the trees.


Kacey has been being particularly boisterous recently. She has been throwing herself around and trying to wrestle with everyone. She keeps approaching Selamat (pictured right) and tries to get him to join in but he is having none of it and keeps moving to different areas to avoid her. He is a quiet orangutan who just likes to sit and eat in peace!

Bidu-Bidu is always playful, he really likes to wrestle with anyone who is willing! He still has fun even if none of his companions want to join in though. One day he was seen on his own happily throwing leaves in the air and trying to stand on his head!

Gelison has been the other extreme recently and seems to have been doing a lot of lazing around. Maybe he needs to spend some more time with Bidu-Bidu learning some of his tricks!