Education projects for schools & families

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Our Education Projects are full of information and fun activities about orangutans in Borneo as well as our work within the charity.

We offer 2 projects - one for primary school age and one for secondary school age - where all the activities can be completed by any child within the age range at their own level - in a fully inclusive manner. Each pack offers you:

  1. A file cover sheet
  2. An introductory letter
  3. A powerpoint presentation (which we suggest you work through yourself first to familiarise yourself with the content and then share with the children).
  4. A complete project of activities divided in three sections: 1. The rainforests of Borneo; 2. The people of the rainforest; and 3) The wildlife of the rainforest - focussing on orangutans.
  5. Additional activities

Our Education Projects are a “ready to deliver” package for you to respond to global issues and raise your own and the children’s knowledge and awareness of the plight of orangutans in the rainforest, whilst meeting the requirements of the National Curriculum.

If possible we may be able to send a member of the team along to talk to staff (and/or parents) or to work directly with the children. Such visits have been highly successful and it may even be possible for our friendly orangutan to pop in!

Why should you explore this topic in your school and/or home?

We are all global citizens and therefore have a responsibility to ensure the sustainability of our planet – for ourselves and the generations that follow behind us. See the UN’s Millennium Report (chapter 4) for more information:

The National Curriculum also demands pupils’ knowledge and understanding of this topic:

Teaching should ensure that “geographical enquiry and skills” are used when developing “knowledge and understanding of places, patterns and processes”, and “environmental change and sustainable development”.

So how can your school get involved?

  1. Develop project work with the children, using our Education Projects Pack which is full of exciting ideas
  2. Adopt the charity as your chosen charity for a term or year and hold fundraising events with the support of our staff team.
  3. Adopt an orangutan on our website for you and the children to follow with the photos and updates you will receive. We have 4 adorable babies to choose from, so visit:
  4. Fundraise for us – Hold a non-uniform day, a cake sale, a fete or fair, sponsored events and loads more.
  5. Spread the word and join us at and Twitter @orangutanappeal and encourage your friends and family to do the same! 

All we ask is that your school donates the proceeds of your fundraising event to us and/or adopts an orangutan and/or makes purchases from our online shop. The minimum is £50.00 total spend – a small price to pay for a “ready to go” project of activities, all researched and planned for you, all delivered to your email inbox! 

So – can your school or family support our work? We certainly hope so!
Contact us now on 0044 (0)1590 623443 or email: