A New Baby at Sepilok

Sepilok’s care staff are delighted to see first-time mum Rosa and her new baby happily feeding together in the protected Kabili reserve.

Seventeen year old Rosa first came to Sepilok sixteen years ago when she was found by a lorry driver on the side of the road. At just a year old, Rosa would have died if she had been left on her own so the driver knew to bring her to Sepilok. After battling with malaria at a young age, Rosa was always one of the smallest and skinniest orangutans at the Centre. That didn’t stop her though and she progressed quickly through her rehabilitation and was released into the Kabili reserve.

Rosa And Baby Small

Since then, Rosa has lived independently in the forest, visiting the feeding platform and outdoor nursery now and again to grab a banana or two and to see her friends.

Producing offspring of their own is one of the best ways to prove the success of orangutan rehabilitation so staff at Sepilok were excited to discover Rosa was pregnant. Rosa gave birth in May this year to a beautiful baby girl. As the little one was Rosa’s first baby, the veterinary team decided to keep the pair in the centre’s clinic to monitor their health and to make sure that Rosa had the maternal skills to care for her baby.


After keeping a close watch for some time, Sepilok’s veterinarian was happy to announce that Rosa had taken to motherhood very well and that the baby was healthy and lively. Mum and baby have now been released into the Kabili reserve adjacent to the centre and Rosa has been proudly showing off her new arrival.

Rosa has come such a long way since her road-side rescue and her daughter will be a part of a new generation of babies born to further the population and contribute to the survival of the species.