A Special gift from Rotterdam

Eve Angelina Nurse Ibris Wi

Dedicated to helping the orangutans of Borneo, Angelina Muller and Eveline Schuette-Ratha from Rotterdam, returned to Sepilok in July this year after raising an amazing RM173, 564.90 for the UK Appeal and the Rehabilitation Centre.

At the end of July Angelina Muller and Eveline Schuette-Ratha, from Rotterdam, visited the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre with a very special purpose; to present a cheque for funds they had raised in support of orang-utan conservation. The staggering donation of 173,564.90 Ringetts / 36,601.54 Euros was very gratefully received by Dr Sen Nathan, Chief Veterinarian, Sabah Wildlife Department and the Appeals very own Sepilok Veterinarian Dr Cecelia Boklin.

Angelina and Eveline first visited Sepilok with their families in October 2006, but this trip was to prove just the start of their journey to help the orangutans of Sabah. During their visit they fell in love with the orangutans and were so moved by the work being done to rehabilitate the orphans that, there and then, they knew they wanted to help.

Angelina and Evelina decided to raise funds by running in the Rotterdam Marathon. Little did they know then the seed they were planting would grow to flourish.

As employees of Unilever they are entitled to make a ‘Christmas Wish’ which, if chosen will be granted by the company. That year Angelina and Eveline wished that any sponsorship they raised for Sepilok would be doubled by Unilever. Out of 90 wishes, unbelievably theirs was chosen. The ladies got straight to work and began a campaign. Having already supported the Orangutan Appeal UK through the charity’s adoption scheme, they were able to use photographs of their adopted orangutans Naru and Sogo-Sogo to make posters advertising the event. They challenged their colleaugues to “Run for the orangutans of Borneo’.

By race day Angelina and Eveline had recruited 250 people, plus a team of volunteers to help with all the organising. The ladies even organised running clinics, a pasta party and had special running shirts made promoting Sepilok and the Appeal. All was worth the effort when they saw how money was continuing to be donated.

The total amount raised, RM173,564.90 (GBP £26,000) was more than they had dreamed of, proving that conservation of orangutans is important to people even on the other side of the world.

On behalf of the Appeal and the Orangutans – OUR HEART FELT THANKS to Eveline, Angelina, Unilever and EVERYONE INVOLVED.