A Successful Borneo Adventure’

On the 31st March, the Appeal ran the very first "Borneo Orang-utan Adventure", with outstanding success. The adventure, a twelve day echo holiday, was undertaken by people from all walks of life and with an age range of 24 to 58.

The group was met at Heathrow by Appeal member Sheen Hynd who was their representative for the trip.

During this amazing trip, the participants stayed in a number of different locations across Sabah ranging from 5 star Shangri-la hotels, River Lodges, Wildlife Lodges to home stays, allowing everyone to get a real feel for life in Sabah.

The welcome that awaited them at the Mitibang Home stay in the foot hills of Mount Kinnabalu and the kindness and friendship shown to them by the villagers is a memory which will stay with the group for a very long time.

The adventure incorporated many different activities including forest trekking, wildlife spotting, gong playing (musical instrument), rice pounding, tree planting, river cruises and night drives to spot wildlife. For the more energetic there was cycling and bamboo rafting, all of which were immensely good fun but there was also time to relax in stunning surroundings.

Along the way the group were able to see a huge variety of wildlife including proboscis monkeys, monitor lizards, river otters, civet cats, bats, a huge variety of birds and of course the Orangutan. They were especially privileged to see a wild mother orang-utan with her baby when they were at Gomangton.

The Following comments are taken form the questionnaire at the end of the April 2004 Adventure.

All in all its been not only the best holiday I've ever had but one of the best experiences ever - well done!

There wasn't any aspect that I didn't enjoy, every stop was just so different. Excellent trip!

The whole trip was superb

This trip really gives you the feel of the country, wouldn't have missed it for the world

Undoubtedly a wonderful experience

Brilliant guides, brilliant planning, brilliant experience, loved it!

Personally this Adventure has been an experience of a lifetime. The professionalism and competence of the guides, the well planned agenda and activities gave an invaluable insight into the real Borneo.

The adventure was enjoyed by all and due to the success of this first trip the appeal is running it again in September this year and another in April 2005. The trip including flights, accommodation, most of your meals, guides, boats, bikes and transport and costs £1900.00. The number of spaces on the trip is limited to 12, be sure to sign up early if you are interested. All the information regarding the adventure is found on our website. Don't miss out.