Baby elephant rescued in Lahad Datu

Baby elephant Lahad website

Workers on a plantation in Lahad Datu made an emergency call to the Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) to rescue a baby elephant who had become separated from his herd. The workers had monitored the baby elephant for a couple days and tried their best to reunite the baby elephant with its herd.

Unfortunately, the herd did not accept the baby back. Dr Sen Nathan (Assistant Director of Sabah Wildlife Department) explained this could be because of the human contact it had received, it had been separated for too long, or that it may not have belonged to that herd.

Baby elephant Lahad Datu

The WRU knew that they now needed to intervene in order to save the elephant's life. They were able to contain him and perform a physical examination. He was found to be around 1 year old and aside from some minor wounds he was in good health. He was bright and alert and happily drank some water through his trunk and ate some banana trunks.

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The team then transported him to Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre for further veterinary and husbandry care.

He has been named Yuri, which is short for Baiduri, the name of the estate where he was found.