Dear Supporter

I am very sad to say I have received some exceedingly upsetting news from Dr Sen Nathan, Assistant Director of the Sabah wildlife department and Sabah’s Chief Wildlife Veterinarian.

He has notified me that the female orangutan “Bella” (who was one of our adoptive babies until recently) suddenley collapsed in early December with severe diarrhea. She was immediately hospitalized and diagnosed with a severe parasitic infestation, which blood tests confirmed.

Treatment was immediately started but despite all the medication given throughout her treatment Bella's condition did not improve and it is with great sadness that I have to report that on 23rd December 2013 Bella died.

Dr Sen has reviewed the treatment which Bella received from the Sepilok Veterinary Team and confirms that everything possible was done to try to save her but she did not respond.

Rest in peace Bella.

I so very sorry that I have had to bring bad news to our supporters at the beginning of the year but it makes us more determined than ever to do all we can to save these beautiful creatures.
Sue Sheward

Susan Sheward MBE
Chairperson & Founder