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On Friday 30th November I joined the children at Adamsrill Primary School in Lewisham to talk to them about the plight of endangered orangutans in Borneo and the work of Orangutan Appeal UK.

Firstly I met the Key Stage 1 pupils (age 5-7) in the hall and led an assembly to help them learn more about orangutans, the rainforest and the threat to the survival of this amazing species. We then had a quiz in which all the children were really keen to answer the questions.

It was all great fun and the children behaved impeccably – so much so I awarded several certificates for “listening really well”, “excellent behaviour”; “being helpful”; “sitting quietly”; and “answering questions”.
Before the children left Charlie, Janelle, Lola, Babirge, Dani, Aimee, Rumman, Pantelis and Jhenica all gave me pictures of orangutans they had worked on at home. The pictures are beautiful and it is obvious they spent lots of time working on them (click on link below to see the children’s work).

After a short break, the whole process was repeated with all the Key stage 2 children (age 7-11) – so in total I worked with around 300 children during my time there.

I couldn’t have enjoyed my time at Adamsrill Primary School any more than I did, so thank you everyone for a great time.

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Download to see childrens work