Four more elephant deaths in Sabah

Pygmy Elephantz

Four more of Sabah's critically endangered pygmy elephants have been found dead, taking the total number of elephant deaths to 25 this year alone.

The Bornean pygmy elephant is native to Borneo and is a subspecies of the Asian elephant. The Bornean pygmy elephant is totally protected under the Sabah Wildlife Conservation Enactment of 1997, however these elephants are facing ever greater threats and are in desperate need of help. It is believed there are now fewer than 2,000 remaining.

A juvenile elephant in the Kinabatangan was killed after an oil palm fell on top of him.

A mother and her calf were shot dead by poachers near the Dermakot forest reserve.

The body of a fourth elephant was found in Tawau on Monday. The cause of death is not yet known.

Wru Elephant Rescue

A further elephant has been rescued by SWD's Wildlife Rescue Unit from North Ulu Segama after it was sighted near a palm oil plantation with a snare trap around its leg and is now receiving specialist care from the team.

With conflict with the human population being a prime factor in these killings, Sabah’s Wildlife Rescue Unit are urgently fighting against the tide to make sure these incredible animals have a future and will not stop their vital work until the elephants are safe from harm.