Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Orangutan Appeal UK.

Show your mum you are thinking of her and adopt a baby orangutan for her. The adoption pack comes with a personalised letter and certificate along with 2 photos and the story of your chosen baby. We will also send you a 6 month update to show how your orangutan is progressing.

Mimi Baby Climbing

If you would like to adopt one of our baby orangutans please click here

The orphans at the centre missed out on vital time with their mothers.

You can give a 'Gift for the Orangutans' of a fruit basket, coconuts or climbing lessons and help them on their journey back to the wild. We'll email you a certificate which you can forward on to a loved one.

The young orangutans and their mums who also live at Sepilok are looking healthy and are developing well. Mimi's baby has started to venture slightly further away from his mum, but is always within touching distance. He enjoys trying out the food that the staff leave out for them and is often seen taking food offered to him by Mimi. He is gaining confidence with climbing and if this photo is anything to go by, loves climbing the ropes.