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When a mother orangutan gives birth, her fragile newborn will cling to her side for the first year of its life. Helpless and vulnerable at such a young age, they are cared for by their mother for another 8 years, forming an incredible bond to rival any other in the animal kingdom.

Yet sadly, many tiny and helpless babies are robbed of this relationship with their mother. Deforestation, forest fires and the illegal pet trade are bringing devastation to the lives of this beautiful ape. When their mothers are killed or driven away, the fate of many baby orangutans can be grim.

Ibris 2016 Small

But hope is not lost. The Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, sitting in over 40sq kilometres of protected rainforest, provides a safe haven for traumatised and injured young orangutans to find their feet again and learn the skills their mother should have been allowed to teach them. 

 When a baby orangutan is brought to the Centre, veterinary nurse Ibritinah springs into action providing the care and treatment needed to give them the best possible chance at survival. Along with the rest of the care team, funded by Orangutan Appeal, Ibri provides encouragement and support for the babies just beginning their rehabilitation journey. She is there when they take their first vital steps at the Indoor Nursery, learning to climb for the first time. She is there when they grow in confidence and learn from older friends. And she is there at their eventual release into the wild, where they truly belong.

Page 2 Cinta And Nurse Ibri

The orangutans at Sepilok are given the best possible chance in life. But there are more babies whose future doesn’t look so bright.

Can you give a baby orangutan the chance for a happy future?

When you donate between 12pm 28th November and 5th December, your gift will make double the difference!

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