Page 5 Cameraman Phil Gets A Nasty Bite

At the end of October our Chairperson Sue Sheward headed off to Borneo with the Blink Production team to start the filming of an eight part documentary which is likely to be called “Meet the Orangutans”.
During 2013 the Appeal attracted a good deal of media interest and three production companies were keen to sign the Appeal up to make a documentary about our work in Sabah.

Blink productions had recently won an award for their documentary on Sloths and were keen to do an eight part series on Sue’s work with the Appeal.
This is a big opportunity for us to attract much needed funding.  The filming is taking place at Sepilok and will focus on the unique characteristics and mischievous ways of the orphaned orangutans during their rehabilitation period.  It will also visit the remote and vast rainforest of Tabin Reserve where our primatologist has been leading our groundbreaking Post Release Monitoring Project since 2009.  The series will endeavour to show Sue’s enthusiasm and determination to save this incredible species and of the long and often arduous journey that took her from being a tourist/volunteer in 2001 to being the founder and Chairperson of OAUK.

Sue and the camera team were last seen bravely stepping into the depths of some of the most remote parts of the Borneon jungle and look what happened to our poor cameraman Phil! AND oh yes – Sue didn’t get away without one too!

This series will be one of the most important productions made in conjunction with the Appeal and the Sabah Wildlife Department’s rehabilitation centre – Sepilok.  In late 2014 or early 2015 it will be screened in the UK, Europe and Asia, introducing this beloved primate to the world to raise vital funding and spread awareness of the dire need for our conservation efforts to be increased significantly before this beautiful ape is made extinct.

Keep an eye out at the end of the year for “Meet the Orangutans” on the Discovery Channel – Animal Planet.