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In just a few years the Orangutan Appeal UK has funded numerous projects from new quarantine and medical wards, provision and maintenance of a Land Rover for rescues and releases, to helicopter translocations, sponsoring veterinarian staff and pioneering surgery, including the world’s first cataract operation on an orangutan.
But every week we are still hearing of new stories about the far reaching rainforest destruction and the devastating effects it is having on the wildlife. The terrible threats facing the Orangutans of Borneo prove to be a continual reminder of how important our work is.

Make a difference, leave a lasting legacy…

By making a gift to the Orangutan Appeal UK in your will you can help to ensure our vital work continues. The Appeal is a small charity and we are committed to keeping our costs low so by leaving us a legacy you can directly contribute to the preservation of these wonderful apes.

The gift doesn’t need to be large; it can be of whatever size you choose. Plus it doesn’t affect the rights of your family and loved ones because you make sure you have looked after them first. By leaving a gift to a charity in this way can even help your loved ones by easing the tax burden.

If you are considering adding us to your will and leaving a legacy to the Orangutan Appeal UK your gift can take any of the following forms:

  • A pecuniary bequest – a specific sum of money
  • A specific bequest – a specific item. This usually refers to any non-cash items such as shares, property or other valuables
  • A residual bequest – the remainder of your estate after specifying all your pecuniary and specific bequests
  • A reversionary gift – a gift that is not made immediately but which comes into effect when something else happens e.g. the death of a person for whom you wish to provide during his/her lifetime.

One Single legacy from a caring supporter can make the most enormous difference to our work. Legacies and planned giving are a personal choice, but if you would like more information about supporting the Appeal by leaving a gift in your will please contact us.