Long-term supporter & naturalist Ray Hale

20191222 093308

Ray Hale is a long-term supporter and an experienced naturalist who has travelled extensively around South East Asia, spending much of his time writing about, lecturing on or photographing nature. Ray has developed a wealth of knowledge on Asian wildlife and the flora and fauna of Borneo. Ray first visited Sepilok nearly 30 years ago and since then has used every opportunity to speak to people about the plight of the orangutan.

Ray has recently been employed on a number of cruise ships as the ‘ship’s naturalist’. Through his vast experience, photographs and video footage he has been raising awareness of the critically endangered orangutan by giving lectures to the passengers entitled ‘Last Chance to See’.

We thank Ray for his ongoing support.

You can read more here about Ray and his lectures in this article he has written for the Borneo Post newspaper.