New HMRC guidelines when claiming Giftaid

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Gift Aid Update (for UK supporters only)

If you are a UK taxpayer we can receive an additional 25p for every £1 of your donation, this includes adoptions.
Any income you receive (including pensions, investments and interest on savings) may have income tax already deducted which qualifies you to sign up to give Gift Aid.  You don’t need to work to qualify. Please check this as it may be dependent on your personal allowance.

If you haven't already let us know if we can claim Gift Aid on your donation please get in touch and we can send you a Gift Aid Declaration to sign.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind donors who have kindly made Gift Aid declarations on the qualification rules set out by HM Revenue and Customs:
"Donors who are making a Gift Aid declaration need to pay at least as much UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for the year of donation as Orangutan Appeal UK, and any other charities and CASCs you donate to, will claim on your donations. Other taxes such as Council Tax and VAT do not quality.  If you do not pay this much tax HMRC may recover any shortfall from you."

Please contact us for more information on 01590623443 or email: