Recruiting participants for our 2015 volunteer season

Biodiversity Monitoring C Andrew Walmsley Ou Trop

OuTrop are now in the midst of recruiting participants for their 2015 volunteer season, which starts at the end of June and finishes at the beginning of November. 

Volunteers will join us for six weeks in the Sabangau Forest to gain first-hand experience of a tropical forest environment. They will work alongside our local and international field staff and will be trained in survey skills and biodiversity monitoring. Volunteers have the chance to see some of the incredible wildlife that inhabits this special part of the world, from sun bears to flying lizards and of course the orangutan.

There will be three volunteer groups in 2015:

Group 1: Tuesday 23rd June –  Monday 3rd August
Group 2: Friday 7th August – Thursday 17th September
Group 3: Thursday 24th September – Wednesday 4th November

The cost to volunteer for six weeks is £1675. Please note that this doesnot cover all travel expenses.

We allocate volunteer places on a first-come first-served basis, so it is essential you send your completed application (download below) as soon as possible. Due to the time required to process visa applications we cannot guarantee a place for applications received after April 30th 2015. 

There is also information on their website (