Sabah vets trying to save hurt orangutan

Sabah Orangutan Hurt 1607

The Malay Mail Online By BY JULIA CHAN | The Malay Mail Online – Thu, Jul 16, 2015

Sabah Wildlife Rescue Unit team had to immediately stabilise the injured orangutan who had passed out from his injuries. ― Picture courtesy of the Sabah Wildlife Department


Sabah Wildlife Rescue Unit team had to immediately stabilise the injured orangutan …

KOTA KINABALU, July 16 ― Sabah Wildlife Department veterinarians are working round the clock to save a 20 year-old orangutan found severely injured in a palm oil plantation in Beluran.

The orangutan, which was found unconscious, had a deep slash on its shoulder likely to to be caused with a machete or ‘parang’, and puncture wounds on his forehead believed to have been caused by a local spear called “bujak”, according to the veterinarians.

“He is currently receiving medical treatment at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center’s Wildlife Clinic, and his condition is still severe although he has shown signs of improvement. The next 72 hours will be critical and we are hoping for the best,” said the department’s assistant director Dr Sen Nathan.

 Oil palm smallholder Chong Vui Khoeng reported the presence of the orangutan on Monday in Gedau, Beluran, where it was seen on July 12.

 It was found unresponsive, in a state of shock, with a very high body temperature, and had to be stabilised before thorough examination.

“The orangutan has a very high fever and collapsed due to exhaustion and the recurring infection from the wound,” said the department’s wildlife veterinarian Dr Laura Benedict.

“We had to put in two intravenous lines and have IV antibiotics, painkillers and fluids administered. He appeared a little bit more brighter and actually ate his first banana this morning,”  she added.

The motive of the attack is not known, although local plantations sometimes see orangutan as pests that destroy young crops.

A police report has been lodged and the department is hoping that the culprits will be brought to justice.

Orangutans are listed as a totally protected and endangered species under Schedule 1 Part 1 of the Wildlife Conservation Act 1997. Under this provision, offenders will face a mandatory prison sentence of six months to five years and/or fine up to RM50,000.00.

The orangutan is now recovering and had his first piece of fruit in the morning.  Please see related article on this link, Dr Laura and the team at Sepilok are doing every thing they possible can to save the life of this majestic animal.  

*Please note that their has been some misrepresentation in the press and an article related to this one has been published alluding that three baby orangutans have been recently killed at Rasa  Ria. This incident happened 12 years ago and was dealt with at the time.  Please see link to an article that was published at the time (2003).  
*All this is confirmed by Dr.Sen Nathan, DVM, Assistant Director, Sabah Wildlife Department

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