Sepilok News Feb 2014

We are sad to see Sylvia go as she has played a huge part in implementing new procedures and overseeing the success of the Rehabilitation centre in terms of staff management, the nursery, quarantine and improving the indoor and outdoor play areas for the young orphans, and much  more.  We wish her every success with her degree and we will look forward to seeing her return to Sepilok in three years time.
We are pleased to report that Quarantine has now been fully repaired after the tree damage back in July and is once again fully operational.  Also all the ropes in the baby jungle gum have been replaced which is excellent news as this area will need to be used more regularly whilst the gym by the lake is being reconstructed.

New babies Peanut and Tundua, who arrived during the summer, have come to the end of their quarantine period and are doing rely well.  Peanut, who was named after the shape of his head, is teething and trying to chew anything and everything he can lay his little fingers on, especially his carers arms!  Beryl is becoming very confident at using the new ropes which have been erected as hammocks.  She is also becoming very decisive about where she likes to practice her climbing but she has such a sweet nature that the carers allow her to go where she wants!

Chikita is still a bit of a little madam but has won over all the staff so that she is the favourite out of them all despite having bitten every single one of them. 
Skinny Selamat creates some humorous moments when he climbs high into the canopy and visitors have been heard to ask “who is the Golem like creature at the top of trees”.

All the other orangutans are doing really well and we have seen some very encouraging results from recent releases with them all taking to their new semi-wild environment well.  However, Platform 4 feeding station, which is sited deeper into the reserve, has been closed for a few weeks for badly needed repairs.  This has meant that some of the released youngsters have been hanging around the Centre and causing mischief with the tourists.  In particular Sogo Sogo has been creeping up on unsuspecting visitors near the cafe and stealing their crisps and drinks!  We are hoping that the platform will be opened again as soon as possible so these youngster will return deep into the reserve, away from human contact which is vital for their success in the future.

New mother Clenan visited the platform the day after giving birth to her new little bundle of fluff who was clinging on very tightly.  The new baby is doing well and we hope will continue to thrive.  As yet the baby is un-named as it is considered unlucky by the local people to name them until they are a few months old.

Finally, we would like to welcome Dr Laura the new resident Malaysian vet to Sepilok who has settled in very quickly and is exceedingly competent.  Not only is Dr Laura keeping a close eye on all the residents at the Centre but also accompanies the New Sabah Wildlife Rescue Unit when they are called to action.
We look forward to working closely with Dr Laura in the future.