Sepilok Staff Appreciation Night

An end of year staff appreciation and awards ceremony was held to recognise the hard work and commitment of all the staff who work at Sepilok. These special people all help to ensure the orangutans receive the very best care possible.

Orangutan Appeal UK currently employs 8 members of local staff. Six of the team are directly responsible for caring for the orphaned orangutans going through the rehabilitation programme to get them ready for a life in the wild.

All the Sepilok staff received hampers and gifts for their contribution. Among the 14 awards given we are very proud to say that our staff won the following prizes; Ibri, Bonny and Pamik were awarded "Best Clinic Staff" and Lineker won "Best Orangutan Daddy".

We give our congratulations and thanks to all the wonderful staff at Sepilok.

Lineker Dr Nabila

Best Orangutan Daddy

Lineker is a supervisor and works mainly in the 'outdoor nursery' helping the juvenile orangutans in the final stages of their rehabilitation. He assesses their progress and helps determine when they are ready for graduation.

Ibri Best Clinic Staff

Best Clinic Staff

Ibri is a veterinary nurse and ensures that constant care is provided to the orangutans at the clinic. She also helps the youngest orphaned orangutans start their journey on the rehabilitation programme.

Bonny Best Clinic Staff

Best Clinic Staff

Bonny specialises in caring for the youngest orangutans. He is also responsible for guiding them through the first stages of rehabilitation including helping them learn to climb.


Best Clinic Staff

Pamik cares for the orangutans who find themselves in the quarantine ward. These orangutans can be poorly or recovering from treatment, or they may have just arrived at the centre. Pamik gives them the extra care that they need to help them recover.