Sandakan July 27th 2015.  The severely injured male adult orangutan that was brutally attacked by a worker from an oil palm estate located 65 kilometers from Sandakan has sadly succumbed to its injuries yesterday at 4.30pm at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Quarantine and Clinic facility.
The Director of Sabah Wildlife Department, Mr. William Baya said “I sincerely regret to say that we have lost the poor injured orangutan due to severe complication, initially caused by the savage attack by the plantation worker”. “Our veterinary and medical team tried their utmost best to save it, and even for the first few days  the orangutan seemed to be improving for the better. Unfortunately when the orangutan was further observed and monitored it became obvious that the parang wound to the back was so deep that it had punctured into the air sac, causing a severe infection. The air sac is a loose pouch located around the throat of the orangutan that he uses for vocalizing”. “Even with all our expert care and medical treatment the results of the post mortem confirmed that the orangutan died of an acute and severe septicemia caused by the initial parang wound and also the smaller secondary wounds that was probably caused by the same parang,” added William.
An Indonesian estate worker Syam bin Sul aged 38 was sentenced to 12 months jail by Sandakan Magistrate Court for the above offence. He was charged under section 37 of the Wildlife Conservation Enactment 1997 which provides a penalty of a fine of 20,000 ringgit or imprisonment for two years or both for causing reckless injury to protected animal. “Now since this case has  escalated to a killing (murder) of a fully protected species and not just injuring it, I have directed my Prosecution Officer  to discuss this case with the court to consider appealing for a much heavier punishment to be meted  out to the orangutan killer,” concluded  William Baya,

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