Supporters of the month

Bm Orang Drawing1

Blythe Macnamara is 8 years old and is passionate about orangutans and is quite an expert on them.

Blythe’s mum, Frith, adopted Sen for her as a Christmas present, which she was thrilled about.  Sen’s photo has been on her wall ever since and she considers him part of the family.

When Blythe received her 6 month update she set herself the challenge of raising enough money to renew the adoption for another year.  These are the wonderful things she did:

- Held a car boot sale (see image)

- Raised sponsors by giving people a letter she wrote about the plight of the orangutans (see image)

- Drew some incredible pictures of orangutans and sold them for £1 each. 

She really is very talented as you can see.  We even have some of them displayed in our office as we love them so much.

Blythe has sold dozens of pictures and worked extremely hard to be able to take out another adoption.  We think she is a very special girl who deserves a very big THANK YOU from everyone at Orangutan Appeal UK, Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and of course all of the orangutans Blythe is helping with her generous donation.


Year 3 Tenby International School Miri's Rainforest sale.

Look at the amazing support and help we have recieved from this school.  

They have managed to raise £600 by making things, baking things, they went through their cupboards to see what good things they wanted to donate for sale, etc. 

Thank you so much for all your efforts and i hope you enjoy hearing all about the babies you have adopted.  A very big thank you from all the team at Orangutan appeal UK (:(])