Tapanuli orangutan needs YOUR help now!

Mum And Baby Tapanuli Orangutan

In 2017, the a new species of orangutan was found on Sumatra. Named the tapanuli orangutan, there are less than 800 individuals. They could be the world's rarest great ape.

Right now bulldozers are destroying their home for the construction of a hyrdodam. They are clinging onto to survival.

There is still time to stop the construction. Wildlife experts are meeting with Indonesia's president to deliver a petition to him. You can help by signing this petition.

Save the orangutans - Sign Now!

To the Indonesian government and President Joko Widodo:
"As citizens from across the world, we urge you to save the last 800 Tapanuli Orangutans from extinction by cancelling the Batang Toru hydropower dam. The fate of this entire species rests in your hands." - sign now!

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