The Ape Crusaders

The Ape Crusaders cover

The Ape Crusaders Book is a pioneering visual record based on the first-hand experiences of a small, pro-active group who fight on the frontline of orangutan conservation: The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP).

Their 4x4 vehicle was donated and named "Ape Crusaders" by none other than Orangutan Appeal UK, and in fewer than four years COP’s Ape Crusader team has saved thousands of hectares of forest and rescued dozens of orangutans over an area close to 500,000 square kilometres.  The vehicle is in constant use, taking the COP Rapid Response Team (also sponsored by Orangutan Appeal UK) to far away locations and to orangutans in desperate need. The work of COP is always difficult and frequently dangerous.

The book takes the reader on a tumultuous photographic journey throughout Borneo and is lavishly illustrated with some 175 photos, mostly taken by the COP teams.

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