Three new babies to adopt

Three new babies

We are proud to introduce three new babies, a young male named Gelison who is almost 2, a very tiny baby called Chikita who is 10 months and a little girl called Lumiyud who is 18 months. The three youngsters all have their own special story to tell about their journey so far. They may have spent a short time in the rainforest but for the babies that arrive at Sepilok, it has usually been a troublesome start to life. Their mothers may have been killed or become sick, but one thing is certain, if these babies had not been rescued, they probably wouldn’t have survived for long on their own. 

The adoption scheme is a fantastic way to donate and become involved with the Appeal in return for your generosity. Adoption packs include the baby’s story, photographs, a certificate of appreciation, Appeal newsletters and fun activity sheets.

We have high hopes that our long-term adoptive babies, who have been taking leaps and bounds in the rehabilitation process, will soon make the huge final step back to living in the wild. However, it will be a long time until Gelison, Lumiyud and Chikita can live in their rainforest home again; the next few months are going to be an interesting time for our youngsters. Please consider adding one of them to your adoptive family!