Update on Archie

Archie and Sue

During Sue's recent visit to Sepilok she spent some time with Archie.  He was diagnosed with a dairy intolerance a few months ago which was making him quite poorly; Sue was delighted to see how well he is looking now.  His good progress is thanks in part to the specialist milk the Appeal purchases for him, as well as the care he is receiving from the Appeal team.  It's thanks to our supporters that we are able to provide this milk and employ the care staff.

Archie was hand-reared by the staff from just a few weeks old as his mother was unable to care for him.  He now lives in the indoor nursery and is the early stages of his rehabilitation.  The rehabilitation programme teaches the orangutans how to survive in the wild.  It takes years of commitment and dedication and costs many thousands of pounds but is essential in helping to secure a future for this critically endangered species.