Urgent Plea for Milk for Orphaned Elephants

Feeding the baby elephant

We have received an urgent request for assistance from Sabah Wildlife Department who are caring for a number orphaned baby Bornean Pygmy Elephants, which they have rescued in the last year.

Almost all of the elephants rescued are less than one year old and have been orphaned as a result of habitat loss and human-elephant conflict.  Although under law the species is fully protected, the killing of elephants is increasing at an alarming rate, leaving many babies without their mothers.

In the wild, the baby elephants would suckle from their mothers up to the age of five years old.  One of the major challenges faced by Sabah Wildlife Department and their Borneo Elephant Care Centre (BECC) is to provide them with a suitable milk replacement.

Only donations specifically made to Bornean Pymgy Elephants will be used for this project.  No donations for the orangutans will be used.

To feed one baby elephant costs £35 per day

1 tonne of milk formula is needed per month to feed all the babies!

Sabah Wildlife Department desperately needs help from organisations and individuals who are willing to help feed the orphaned elephants through their "Milk for Orphaned Baby Elephants Sponsorship Program".

If you would like to donate to help feed the elephants you can do so via the donations page of our website, please select Bornean Pygmy Elephants from the dropdown menu

All donations will be passed on to the Borneo Elephant Care Centre at Sepilok.