Why Support Orangutan Appeal UK

How supporting OAUK helps orangutans:

  • Funding projects that enable the rehabilitation of orphan, injured and ex-captive orangutans
  • Supporting the local community and educating local schools
  • Employing local staff at Sepilok and Tabin
  • Translocating orangutans back to their natural habitat to boost the wild population numbers
  • Provide emergency health care
  • Funding firefighting teams to conserve and protect peatland
  • Funding the Post Release Monitoring Project to support reintroduction
  • Raising awareness about the plight of the orangutan

How your adoption and donation is helping make a difference:

  • £5 can buy one week’s supply of milk for two baby orangutans at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre
  • £10 can buy one month’s supply of bananas for a baby orangutan.
  • £15 can buy vitamins for eight baby orangutans for one week
  • £20 can buy one month’s supply of food including sugar cane, long bean, sweet potato, guava and watermelon for an orangutan.
  • £50 can pay for one Malaysian Research Assistant for one week to track the rehabilitated orangutans in Sepilok Reserve and Tabin Rainforest Reserve
  • £100 can pay for our Malaysian Veterinary Nurse for one month to care for the young baby orangutans
  • £150 can pay for equipment needed for the Appeal’s Post Release Monitoring Project such as a pair of walkie talkies to replace standard whistles being used by the Malaysian Research Assistants in the rainforest.

Borneo Orangutan

  • Scientific name: Pongo pygmaeus
  • Location: Borneo, South East Asia
  • Habitat: Tropical and subtropical rainforests, usually no higher than 1000 metres above sea level.
  • Wild population: 45,000—69,000
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