Woodheys School Art Competition

Milo and Dante Houghland, aged eight and five, began their ‘Art for Animals’ project after becoming concerned for the future of endangered species, particularly Orangutans.

OAUK Ambassador and artist Jacha Potgieter visited the boys' school, Woodheys Primary in Sale to talk about the plight of the orangutans and to help the pupils create an orangutan sculpture out of recycled junk. Jacha returned a few days later to judge the Art for Animals competition and hand out the prizes.

Not content with stopping there, the children's artwork was put on display at the Bean and Brush Family Art Cafe, where the competition was extended to any visiting children.

Milo and Dante’s mother, Orietta Lorenzini, said: "It has been fantastic to see all the different artwork created by the children for such a good cause.

"It is a great way for them to express themselves. I'm so proud of my boys for starting this."

The hard work and efforts of Milo and Dante and their friends from Woodheys have surely inspired others and raised vital awareness of the plight of the Critically Endangered orangutan.

More information on Milo and Dante's efforts can be found on their website: http://savepandasandorangutans...