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BBC Online interview Sue Sheward

The BBC have published an interview with the appeal’s Chairwoman and Founder, Sue Sheward. <a href="" rel="external">Read the BBC interview</a>.

Orangutan Book Main Image


The Appeal is delighted to announce that the latest book published on orangutans is available from our shop! Packed with stunning pictures it is a "<strong>must have</strong>" for all enthusiasts! "ORANGUTANS - Behaviour, Ecology and Conservation" by Junaidi Payne and Cede Prudente the famous wildlife photographer. Please visit our shop for more information

Hardi Rescuing A Baby

Urgent Announcement

The Orangutan Appeal UK has been approached by a fledgling Indonesian group, the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP), to help raise vital funds for their crucial work supporting orangutan conservation in Indonesian Borneo. We are running an appeal on their behalf and, if you would like to help this very small and very brave team carry out critical projects to help local indoneisans protect their rainforests and the orangutan, you can do so by making a donation direct to their work on our website by choosing "Centre for Orangutan Protection donations". Donate to COP

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In just a few years the Orangutan Appeal UK has funded numerous projects from new quarantine and medical wards, provision and maintenance of a Land Rover for rescues and releases, to helicopter translocations, sponsoring veterinarian staff and pioneering surgery, including the world’s first cataract operation on an orangutan.

Eve Angelina Nurse Ibris Wi

A Special gift from Rotterdam

Dedicated to helping the orangutans of Borneo, Angelina Muller and Eveline Schuette-Ratha from Rotterdam, returned to Sepilok in July this year after raising an amazing RM173, 564.90 for the UK Appeal and the Rehabilitation Centre.


Coronation Street stars visit Sepilok

Coronation Street actors, Tina O'Brien (Sarah Platt) and Ryan Thomas (Jason Grimshaw), flew out to Borneo in August to see for themselves the work that is being done to help save one of our closest cousins – the orangutans - from extinction.

Paulo Nutini

Paolo Nutini - our new supporter

The 20 year old Scottish born singer/songwriter Paolo Nutini, whose current hit is "New Shoes" has pledged his support, along with his base guitarist, Michael McDaid, to the Appeal and to helping save the endangered orangutans. The Band have adopted baby Sen and are encouraging their fans to do the same. Michael is adoptive father to Naru and he has posted a message on their website asking his fans to donate as much as possible to our work. Check it out at <a href="" rel="external"></a> and <a href="" rel="external"></a>

River At Sunrise

My Second Orangutan Adventure

<strong>Jenny Aundrews reports on the April 2007 adventure holiday.</strong> Well, there I was again at Heathrow Airport, eagerly waiting to meet my fellow Adventurers. I had taken part in the 2006 Adventure and had such an amazing time I just had to do it again!

Orangutan Appeal and Sabah Wildlife

<strong>Over the past 40 years, orang-utans rescued in Sabah were rehabilitated at Sepilok before being released into the nearby jungle. Now the Sabah Wildlife Department tells JASWINDER KAUR about plans to translocate some of them to an alternative site in Lahad Datu</strong>

Adventure2006 1

Adventure report 2006

It only seemed like 5 minutes since I waved goodbye to the 2005 Adventure group and here I was back at the wonderful Rasa Ria waiting for the 2006 group to arrive.

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