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A Special gift from Rotterdam

Dedicated to helping the orangutans of Borneo, Angelina Muller and Eveline Schuette-Ratha from Rotterdam, returned to Sepilok in July this year after raising an amazing RM173, 564.90 for the UK Appeal and the Rehabilitation Centre.


Coronation Street stars visit Sepilok

Coronation Street actors, Tina O'Brien (Sarah Platt) and Ryan Thomas (Jason Grimshaw), flew out to Borneo in August to see for themselves the work that is being done to help save one of our closest cousins – the orangutans - from extinction.

Paulo Nutini

Paolo Nutini - our new supporter

The 20 year old Scottish born singer/songwriter Paolo Nutini, whose current hit is "New Shoes" has pledged his support, along with his base guitarist, Michael McDaid, to the Appeal and to helping save the endangered orangutans. The Band have adopted baby Sen and are encouraging their fans to do the same. Michael is adoptive father to Naru and he has posted a message on their website asking his fans to donate as much as possible to our work. Check it out at <a href="" rel="external"></a> and <a href="" rel="external"></a>

River At Sunrise

My Second Orangutan Adventure

<strong>Jenny Aundrews reports on the April 2007 adventure holiday.</strong> Well, there I was again at Heathrow Airport, eagerly waiting to meet my fellow Adventurers. I had taken part in the 2006 Adventure and had such an amazing time I just had to do it again!

Orangutan Appeal and Sabah Wildlife

<strong>Over the past 40 years, orang-utans rescued in Sabah were rehabilitated at Sepilok before being released into the nearby jungle. Now the Sabah Wildlife Department tells JASWINDER KAUR about plans to translocate some of them to an alternative site in Lahad Datu</strong>

Adventure2006 1

Adventure report 2006

It only seemed like 5 minutes since I waved goodbye to the 2005 Adventure group and here I was back at the wonderful Rasa Ria waiting for the 2006 group to arrive.

Niimg 15

Primary school raises £750

In October 2004 Dr Sen Nathan and Mr Laurentius Ambu from Sabah Wildlife Department were in the UK delivering their lecture tour on Orangutan Rehabilitation. At the Twycross Zoo event, James Reay a teacher from Fleckney Church of England Primary School (just outside of Leicester) introduced himself.

Use of Orangutans in advertising campaign

<strong>Orangutan Appeal UK do not support Meteor's use of orangutans in their advertising campaign - and in fact strongly disagree with such tactics.</strong> Meteor have recently (October 05) adopted one of our orphan orangutans and made a small donation to our Appeal, but without disclosing who they were or what they were involved in - this in our view is a DEPLORABLE TACTIC. We have since refunded their donation. We wish to make it known that we fully support the action being taken by the Captive Animals Protection Society to discourage such activities and sincerely hope they are successful in having Meteors advert withdrawn.

Rainforest Magazine

Welcome to 'Rainforests' magazine

The world's first magazine of its kind, devoted to rainforests throughout the world. Our objective is simply to help other organisations and individuals raise awareness of rainforests. We will publicise the wonderful work done by the many conservation groups and individuals throughout the world.

Advenure 2005

Adventure 2005 Report

When Sue Sheward, our Chairperson, told me that I had been chosen to be the Appeal’s rep on the 2005 Borneo Orangutan Adventure I was over the moon. I love my job of Liaison Officer at the Centre but this would give me a chance to visit some of the amazing places I had heard of but just hadn’t had the time to visit. However, I was not so sure it was a good thing when I was called to a briefing weekend at HQ and discovered my Adventurers ranged in age from 24 to 68! How would I keep them all happy? Would I be up to the task? Sue assured me I would be and after having spoken to everyone on the phone I began to feel more confident.

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