Cop Photo

Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) Update

Orangutan Appeal UK begun supporting The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) when it was founded in 2007. COP is an Indonesian organisation which campaigns against activities which threaten orangutans. They also rescue orangutans which are in danger or being kept illegally as pets.


Student Grant 2016

A camera trap study on the difference in orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus morio) occurrence in highly fragmented landscapes

Orphaned baby macaque

Ibri and Bonnie

Ibri and Bonnie are two of the staff that the Appeal employs at Sepilok

Research Grant

Studentship Grants

Orangutan Appeal UK is pleased to offer Studentship Grants up to a maximum value of £1500 for research projects that support primate conservation in Borneo.

Summit Photo

Kilimanjaro Challenge

Appeal ambassador Jacha Potgieter took on the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro to raise money and awareness for the Appeal

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