Bidu Gardening

Bidu Bidu does some Gardening

Watch our video of Bidu Bidu who has taken up gardening after watching members of staff doing some weeding!

Beryl Website

Beryl begins her life in the wild

Beryl has decided for herself that she wants to live independently in the Kabili reserve. At around 8 years of age, female orangutans will start to move away from their mum and we are so proud and pleased that Beryl has taken the decision to begin her life in the wild.

Thank You Thumb


We would like to send a big thank you to Jacha Potgieter and all the staff at the Alpine Coffee Shop, our business partner Banana Tree and all our other supporters who have worked so hard to help us this year.


Sabah's own elephant whisperer

Jibius works for the Wildlife Rescue Unit in Sabah and is regarded as an elephant 'guru' by his colleagues


Special Visitor

Wild male Malim has been seen at the feeding platforms at Sepilok recently

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