A new sick bay

New Sickbay

It's is over 18 months since the Appeal refurbished the night nursery and provided a new quarantine ward for the Centre and it was time for us to sit down and decide what else was needed to improve the orphans chance of survival and eventual return to the wild.

The question was answered very quickly – a sick bay!

When the youngsters got ill with upset tummies (similar to our children) or malaria – as Naru did last year – they had to either stay in the night nursery and risk infecting the others or be transferred to quarantine and be susceptible to ailments being transferred by new arrivals.

With Dr Sen’s and Elis’ help we got to work identifying a suitable room which was derelict and drew up plans. The whole room needed to be gutted and retiled. New drainage needed to be installed, shelving and air conditioning were also a must. It was decided that a rest area should be provided to enable the nurse/ranger to stay with the invalids over night and ensure they could receive 24hrs care if needed.

Old sick bayWork quickly got underway. Once the room was cleared and the tiling was finished, large stainless steel enclosures were installed and a new UV sterilizer and washing machine were purchased to make sure that everything would be as clean and germ free as possible.

The whole setup was done in a relatively short time (for Sabah) and cost the Appeal RM30,288.65 (about £4327), which we felt was worth every penny. Dr Sen is so pleased with the final result he remarked that all we need now is a “Treatment Room” and, of course, he is right!